Implant Center

The multi-specialty doctor team of the GIDE Dental Implant Center practice evidence based and state of the art implant dentistry, are trained in complex and straightforward implant and esthetic cases and are respected worldwide for their knowledge, skill and experience.

The facility is comprised of a state-of-the-art Surgical suite, Esthetic suite and Diagnostic suite in which the ceiling and walls hold all the equipment thus removing floor-mounted tools and allowing a more efficient use of space and maintenance of cleanliness. All rooms are equipped with advanced 3D diagnostics, camera feeds and monitors which allow review and recording anytime and transmission to other Centers worldwide.

The Center is equipped with the leading dental equipment companies: Nobel Biocare (dental implant systems); J. Morita (3-D CT scan units); W&H (sterilization and surgical equipment); Medtronics (BMP inductive bone proteins); Omnia (sterile drape kits); Meta (surgical equipment); Geistlich Pharma (Bone substitutes and membranes); Piezosurgery (Minimal invasive bone cutting devices); ADEC (dental chairs); XDR sensors (dental radiographs).

The Center’s waiting area is private and located next to the treatment clinic on the ground floor. The area features a relaxing lounge facility, work desks, generous beverage and snack area and wireless internet access so that patients and their guests can bring laptops. Free parking is available next door.

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Most advanced diagnosis, and evidence based and minimal invasive procedures available.