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After 20 years of a full-time academic, research, teaching and clinical career, Dr Sascha Jovanovic is pleased to open a private center in an ultra-modern and relaxing atmosphere for patients with needs for high-quality implant and esthetic treatment in West Los Angeles at the GIDE Dental Implant Center. Dr. Jovanovic is recognized as one of the leading experts in implant dentistry worldwide and has researched, published, taught and performed over 20 years the most complex and straight forward implant cases. Our goal is to support your dental needs, treat you minimal invasive with maximum outcome and give you the ultimate health and best smile. Implant Dentistry has been the core of Dr. Jovanovic’s clinical and research career and thousands of patients have benefitted and treated predictably with implants.

The state of the art facility offers the full spectrum of Implant Diagnostics and Therapy and Esthetics for local, domestic and overseas patients, and is equipped with the top quality swiss, german, austrian and japanese equipment and technologies and is dedicated to be a worldwide leader in advanced dental care, research and education for patients with specific needs.

The GIDE Doctors and Nurses are highly specialized and recognized in implant- and esthetic dentistry and work together with outside teams to care for patients joined by the philosophy ‘the well being of the patient comes first’. Many of todays implant procedures have been developed by Dr. Jovanovic and the GIDE dental team and have been taught to thousands of dentists worldwide. The most complex dental patients are referred with large bone and soft tissue defects or failed previous procedures with implants and travel for diagnostics and treatment and can be helped in most cases with long-term functioning and esthetically pleasing restorations.

The Center maintains rigorous quality controls and treatment protocols and is locatedconveniently on the Westside of Los Angeles with direct FWY access (10 exit Bundy north) and nearby the LAX airport (20 minutes driving distance). A parking lot next to the Center is reserved for patients and comfortable 3- to 5-star hotels are within 10 min driving distance.

Our Dental Center is now open for new patients. Contact us at +1 310 820 9641 during normal business hours or email us at  If you are interested in a second opinion, need questions answered regarding your case, or need us to take over the complete or part of the treatment, please have your dentist or specialist refer you to our Center.

The GIDE Doctors and Nurses

The GIDE Doctors and Nurses

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